Eric Dier taking a stand overshadows any FA punishment

When Eric Dier hopped into the crowd to defend his brother he took a stand for all footballers, and his actions will overshadow any punishment the FA doles out. 

While I’m not condoning footballers jumping into the stands for any reason, Dier acted like most of us would where our families are concerned. Sure, he reacted viscerally and impulsively, but some topics are off-limits. Family is one of them.

He certainly isn’t the first professional athlete to suffer from a supporter’s verbal accosting. And he won’t be the last.

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But Dier won’t lose sleep over his reaction in the aftermath of Tottenham’s defeat to Norwich in the FA CupThe FA yesterday charged Eric Dier over the incident, and a potential fine and ban will be issued subsequently.

The frustration from being ousted by Norwich probably contributed to Dier’s behaviour. And it was clear the midfielder reached a breaking point.

Whatever the punishment, Dier took the drastic measures for honourable, morally just reasons, something I’m sure droves of footballers have dreamed of doing themselves.

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Of course the FA can never condone a player taking the law into their own hands, no matter how justifiable.

Rest assured, the FA will discipline the Englishman for his actions, but no punishment will overshadow the conviction and morality he showed by defending those he loves most.

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