Selling Harry Kane to Manchester United would be unforgivable

Latest speculation, this time from the Daily Mail, reports that Daniel Levy will sell Harry Kane to Manchester United, a move that would go down as the worst decision in club history. 

It would be an unforgivable bit of business, even if Kane garners the optimistic, particularly given the current climate, £200 million world record fee the Daily Mail reports. There are so many follies to the prospective deal it’s hard to know where to start.

A disclaimer: this a Daily Mail report we are discussing, so take the hyperbole with a grain of salt. However, in the sensationalist publication’s defence, I can actually envision Levy making such a cash-driven, selfish decision.

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While it’s true Spurs still owe £637 million on their new, state-of-the-art £1 billion stadium, selling your prized asset to a direct Premier League rival is not the answer.

Sure, the £200 million received for Kane would ease the sustained financial blow this crisis is causing, but a rash decision of this absurd nature will cost the club irreparably in the long term, handing the league’s golden child to a club who would immediately become a Premier League contender with his services.

And can we really trust Levy with an additional £200 million windfall?

We all know what he did with the nearly £90 garnered by selling Gareth Bale in 2013, sanctioning the purchase of a fist full of players who turned out to be little better than dead wood to chuck on the fire.

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Leaving £200 million in the hands of Mourinho and Levy to invest wisely is like asking the top execs of Goldman Sachs to be honest and incorruptible.

Let’s for a second take the money out of the scenario, which I know is hard when speaking of such astronomical sums. Handing a scoring machine, the world’s most lethal striker when fit, to Manchester United is tantamount to handing them the Premier League crown. If not next season, than certainly in a subsequent campaign.

It would go down as the most irresponsible, impulsive decision in Tottenham history, one I’d regard as a severe, self-deprecating act, synonymous with treason.

I understand the merit behind selling Kane to Real Madrid. There is some logic to that move, a few silver linings. 

But offloading your franchise asset to a direct competitor is as irrational as it is asinine. And it would be an unforgivable act, the final straw for an owner whose back cannot take any more strain.

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